about me

hi, i'm kelly. i like to sew & create & i really like being able to share that.  i also like to write here on the blog.  i'm married to clint.  we have 2 kiddos (hudson & holland)& one on the way.  just kidding.  not yet.  i threw that in to freak out family & friends.
in may 2011, we started Harp Design Cowe create furniture from recycled & reclaimed wood & give a table or bed to a family/aid organization in need every time a piece is purchased.  we also make children's clothing & accessories & home goods like pillows.  the purchase of these items help us to make 2 pieces of furniture for the price of one.  leaving our steady paycheck was a really scary move.  our journey has been quite the adventure & promises to be anything but boring!  i'm not a natural risk taker, but i've found that following my creative heart doesn't tend to be easy.  i push myself to share the good & the bad here with you.
i like to cook. so does clint.  i like a man who can cook.  he can also vacuum like a champ.  better than me!  what a guy.
we try to eat healthy (& now on a budget!), meaning we cook a lot @ home & with whole foods.  but we also have a major sweet tooth, so i bake a lot & we like ice cream over everything.  it's kind of a problem.
we started a garden in spring 2010.  the sweet potatoes kind of took over, but that's okay because we like sweet potatoes.
let's see, what else? 
i like to read, when i get the chance.  fiction & ready made mag. i see the occasional movie.  my fav tv watching includes parenthood, house hunters international, anthony bourdain's no reservations, 19 & counting, & sometimes i watch a real housewives episode, or two, but i'm trying to stop because oh-my-gosh-train-wreck.  

so thanks for stopping by.
feel free to drop me a line: kelly(AT)harpdesignco(DOT)com

& some {really} random facts about me...i have the superhuman ability to bend the tops of my pinkies backwards.
i always feel thirsty for water. 
i like mechanical pencils & thin sharpie markers.
i love sharp cheddar cheese.
once i went to belize & a bus ran over my suitcase.
i don't love taking pictures, but i do like editing them.
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