Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tuesday, tuesday

the kids both mentioned this morning that i smell bad.  i think poop was referenced.  thanks guys.  apparently this is the thanks i get for hauling your rears to Kerrville & back BY. MY. SELF.

stinkers.  (in the interest of self defense, i'm pretty sure they were smelling their own morning breath.  it couldn't be me anyway because i totally showered just 2 days ago :) )
a few pics of our time in k'ville...

love our family time @ the river.  wish clint could have come, but he's a busy bee these days with Harp Design Co & other projects we've started (we do seem to start a lot of projects!).  hoping we get to go again before the summer's end.
and to finish up, let's see the sea of vacation disaster that i need to tackle today:
ready, set, go...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

some surprises

9.5 weeks.
yep. i'm saying what you think i'm saying.
oh, & we're moving in 3 wks.
because, really - we just don't have enough craziness in our life right now :)
don't worry - we're moving within waco!
stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 month recap

gah, its really been a long time, hasn't it?
here are a few phone pics, just so you remember who we are :)
christmas tree shopping
at the uber-festive lowe's
cookie baking...
our coolio art easle from grammy & granddad
(that's hudson's "sea turtle")

new design (one of my favs)
tried a "heat-free" curl method - pretty funny looking :)
lots of playing on baylor campus :: hudson & holland pretty much rule the school
the little lovies had their first day @ the new preschool

(pics out of order & frankly, i can't remember what happened when)
some days we felt grumpy
other days, we just made a big mess
oh, & holls got hand & foot disease (nice.)
we did puzzles (thanks aunt nonna!) & our hair
and played a good deal of dress up
aunt jen & uncle p came for a basketball game (febuary!) & hudson learned this new super cheesed out smile
i started really freaking out about school, which lead to a few baking sessions (with puffed cheetos.  yes.)
we painted birdhouses
& dressed up for school (LOVE leg warmers),
and for the occasional rain shower.
first braids!!!  i'm DYING, people.
baby braids are a 10, while this cinnamon fudge is a 9.9999.
i got ALL of my pillows out (hudson & holland love to throw ALL of them on the floor)
cookie baking!
LOTS of park picnics (room to play & NO lunch clean up)
the dress i made holls for easter (that finally fit - i made it a year ago!)
cookie eating
CRAZY amounts of paper writing went on in the past 6 months. 
crazy amounts.
serious insanity.
(but it's all DONE - at least until may 31.)
hud started helping with the grocery list

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

thoughts on an impending birthday

making "chocolate chunk cupcakes" per hud's birthday request this morning...

wondering how it the free world could my little guy be 5?
it's nothing new.  i've read dozens of blog posts just like this one.
it's just that it's ME this time and HIM, our sweetest little guy (TURNING 5!!!!)
somehow making these cupcakes this morning, i feel like the luckiest gal in the world.

hudson talked about these cupcakes for months. 
must be chocolate. 
must have chunks. 
apparently we saw them once on barefoot contessa.
we shall see if they live up to the hype :)

also, rethinking the beatrix potter book & cd gift.  not exactly screaming 5 yr old boy?!  heh? 
it IS about Peter Rabbit, though & he IS a boy, right??!  :)
the truth is i bought it for hud & holls for easter then forgot about it (awesome). 
i'm thinking worst case scenario, he'll have fun unwrapping it, then go for the next present & holls will confiscate it for her own.

all done & ready for the morning,
for the day he turns 5...

*feeling teary in the best possibly way.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

more moving

Entertaining themselves while we unpack endless streams of boxes (moving from a 4 bdrm house to a 2 bdrm apt is crazy town)...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You worry you might have scarred you child when he wakes you up with: "so we don't have to go anywhere again?"
No, poor child! For the first time since midOctober, we slept in our own beds last night! I'd call it "luxurious", but in reality it was a game of puzzles since we couldn't find our sheets & had to piece together make-shift blankets & sleep in the middle! #1 priority today is finding the sheets...
and the spoons... cereal with out spoons is quite messy.
Oh, here's to another day of unpacking! Slowly but surely...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

dear arkansas

im writing to inform you that you are #8 in the list of the 8 states we've been through on the gypsy journey.
you have nice scenery. you're home to people like bill clinton, the duggars, & bev stevens. good bbq. you had so much going for you. then the gypsy wagon hit close to an hour of one lane, creeping traffic for one 50 yd section of road work.
if it weren't for Dora the explorer, i'm not sure we would have made it.
please. get it together.
kelly harp
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