Sunday, February 24, 2008


can you kind of see the monkeys? anyway, hudson had his cute monkey onesie on...
ruth & i
keepin it down in the second row
(sorry you didn't make the pics, eric)

we went to the zoo on saturday with the sebas - it was fun & funny. first of all, why we take our infant son to places like the zoo, i'm not entirely sure. well, actually i do know - it's because mom & dad need something fun to do! hudson didn't really see much. most of the animals were too small & the bigger ones, like the gorilla, were basically inaccessible due to the masses of people. apparently everyone in houston had the bright idea to go to the zoo saturday afternoon!
well anyway we did have fun as i said, & if hudson didn't see any animals, he did see lots of very interesting & diverse people (trust me!) & some water & grass and i guess that's a pretty exciting day for a 9 month old...
oh & the most entertaining moment of the trip for the adults (yes, i agree sebas) was clint fighting off 3 cars & all odds to get our parking spot. it was scary, & the rest of us were all ducking, waiting for the gunshots, & trying to think of how best to protect the babies in case of a brawl. but in the end we were safe & just happy to finally get out of the car!

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Kelli said...

Oh yay! You guys have a blog too. I love blogs. I'm excited to keep up with you guys and see pictures of Hudson!

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