Wednesday, February 20, 2008

first blog...

wow - my first blog. i've been been wanting to start a blog for awhile & have just been procrasinating. i was wondering if i'd even have anything to write... i guess we'll see, huh?

recently i've really gotten into reading my friends' blogs & then their friends' blogs, & then random blogs & have actually found lots of people i know - like from college or even high school. i've loved reading their random thoughts - it's weird, like peering into someone's life like a fly on the wall. so i decided to jump in. who knows?

right now clint & i are sitting on the couch watching house hunters. too bad i haven't really been paying attention b/c we always try & guess which house they'll buy. we say "one, two, three" & then the number of the house we think. clint used to be right all the time, but honestly his power has been slipping lately...

okay, well i think that's it for my first post.

1 comment:

Jen Haney said...

I can't believe I am your first comment!!! I love the blog...and I am going to love reading it. Your random thoughts are always exceptional Kelly. I will have to work on our blog this weekend to get it up and running!!

Love you...Jen

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