Tuesday, February 26, 2008

then & now

i took a picture of hudson today in that boppy/swing thing. i hadn't put him in it since he was really small, & so it made me think about those first weeks when he was so tiny. i can't believe the difference! he was so tiny & puny - barely fitting in those preemie clothes. it was may & we had him in fleece - worried about his ability to regulate body temperature, worried about drafts, worried about anything we could possibly think of. i think about those days in the nicu, all the stress over him not gaining weight, the blur of all those doctor's visits, seeing his ruby red blood in all of those vials, all the terrible articles we read on the internet, & all the waiting for test results...
and then i look @ that big, healthy chub in the second picture! who would have known he'd go from puny to pudgy in just a few months??! who knew we'd go from not being able to find clothes small enough for him to standing in Old Navy wondering if i should buy him size 18-24 month clothes or bigger?! who knew he would grow by leaps & bounds into this bright eyed, smiley boy about whom all the nursery ladies @ the Y can't stop exclaiming, "he sure is a BIG boy!".

@ church part of the message was about remembering God's faithfulness in the past so in future adversities, we can possibly go against our human nature & not let freaking out be our first reaction (well, okay, that's in my own words!). i'm posting this so that hopefully maybe i'll remember the true impact of these pictures - the miracle (act of God) of hudson's life & of his chubby 22 lbs. 4 oz body.

**SIDE NOTE: i happen to know exactly how much he weighs because we were @ the doctor again last night w/ another ear infection & another diarrhea/vomit virus. which reminds me of of the "not so miraculous" parts of his life!**

anyway,i hope even in the mundane of today (well, if cleaning up poopy & throw up is mundane for you... okay, i'll stop!) i can remember God's miracles, His acts, the way He is, His goodness...


Unknown said...

Praise God for little Huddy's health...besides his recent virus!! He's a healthy, growing boy...and so adorable!!
love you, kelly

Clint said...

Great idea with the pictures in the boppy. I wish you would post the ones of me in it. Glad you're a regular contributor to the blog world now!


Christy said...

so glad that you joined the blogging world! can't wait to read about what is going on with you guys and see adorable huddy get bigger and bigger! can't wait to see you this weekend! love you! christy

Steph Zerbe said...

Hey Kelly-isn't blogging great? We have the same Boppy. Ours didn't come with the cute toys though. Ripe off! But my 5 month old recently started scooting his was out of it. You'll see a pic of this on our blog soon. zerbetimes.blogspot.com
Later, steph from Etsy.

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