Wednesday, May 7, 2008

bash & berries

we're getting ready for little harp's birthday. can you tell the theme?

today i spent a good deal of the day (well, the part that wasn't spent chasing mr. "naps are for the birds" around) desperately trying to organize our kitchen junk! i swear, when we lived in our itty bitty 1000 square foot house in dallas, we NEVER had such the junk ish that we have now. i seriously don't know what the deal is. i need realsimple to come & do that "organize me" deal that they do. have you seen that?

how in the name of everything good & holy does a kitchen desk end up looking like this...

well, i'm happy to report that i took those videos back to blockbuster, & i cleaned up the rest of the junk today! i should have taken an "after" photo.

and now for the "berries" part of this post. little harp's new LOVE is dried raspberries. seriously! they are very tart but he doesn't even make a face. now you must remember that our precious child has quite the aversion to most solid/table foods. we're having to take things very slowly in that department. he's a gag-er. and gagging often leads to puking... just to let you know that he rarely enjoys anything other than gerber puffs, which are made to dissolve in little toddler mouths.

so the other day when sandra asked to give hudson one of her dried raspberries, i thought - oh sure! i mean, she was the one holding him & everything, so if she wanted to risk the puke, then fine! and guess what? the little punkie ate the raspberry! and he's been eating them ever since. here are the pics to prove it.

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