Sunday, June 22, 2008

christy - don't look!!!

i just couldn't wait to post another new creation (i know, i'm totally on a roll!!!). but this time it's also jayden's birthday present, so christy - DON'T LOOK!!!!!!!!!!! i'm also putting it in my shop, so don't look there, either!
i wanted to make something cute for hudson's friend, little j.o.'s birthday coming up! it comes from this new fabric i ordered & LOVE. i ordered it for a birthday party - a friend is having me make a table cloth out of it for her son's zoo themed party - isn't it adorable??! he'll be wearing the lion onesie, too (unless you see this & want the tiger now!), & i ventured out to do a hand embroidered monogram again - i think it turned out well. i'm now offering monogramming on any onesie or t for an additional $5.

happy day to all!

this is the fabric...

1 comment:

darrah said...

oooooh....i'm really liking that fabric! and congrats on the blog feature! you're so profesh.

i will see you in a couple of days!

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