Sunday, July 27, 2008


well i didn't get the better pictures taken of my new designs. darn. it's on the list for tomorrow, but i'm not promising anything :) it was a busy weekend. clint was gone for most of saturday, & today we went downtown to church (which means a long drive). our church is a church plant of ecclesia downtown. it was our first time to get to visit ecclesia downtown, & it was a great experience. it reminded us a lot of our beloved ubc. the church houses a cafe, book shop, & art gallery - awesome. the neighborhood reminds me so much of our old neighborhood in dallas. when i'm there, it makes me miss urban living. hmmm.

anyway, it's one of those sunday nights when i'm like, seriously? is the weekend over??? yep, it is! & that's why i'm sitting on the couch, cookies & ice cream in hand & doing something fun - spiffying up my blog! the weekend may have been too short, but it's going out with a bang.

and just fyi - the cookies are peanut butter chocolate chip. mmmmmmm.


Amanda Brooks said...

Love the new look!! I need one soon too. I'm still pondering a blog title as well.

kelly said...

thanks! it was fun to experiment. i like your title - it especially goes with the new house!

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