Wednesday, July 30, 2008


T minus 3 hrs until daddy gets home.

it's been one of those days - tough. hud & i both have some allergies ish. i think he might slug me if i try to blow his nose one more time - i can't say i blame him. & i can't stop feeling like i might sneeze. earlier he yelled for a good loooong while about nothing at all.

beyond the physical, what's really weighing heavy - a friend shared some really tough news & i'm hurting for her. life is messy & gray. & ruth is currently @ an emergency dr's appt right now, probably going into the hospital (@ 23 wks 1 day pregnant). huh.

what is helping me to keep breathing today? a blog i read last night that keeps resonating in my head - reminded me of what life is really about, the time i got to spend writing in my journal, starbucks, & god in the form of katie. last week my sweet, fun friend katie asked if she could come spend the night with us tonight, so clint & i could catch a dinner together. can you? YES! i knew this week would be busy, but i'm needing this break even more than i thought. we'll probably end up going down to see ruth & eric in the medical center, but even the drive down there - just the 2 of us - will be fun. AND i'm so glad we can BOTH go - otherwise i know i would end up spending hours lost down there, anyway! katie - thank you, really. ooo - i think i have a pic of you & i from easter...

PS - hudson is currently running his "track" - the circle that makes up our kitchen, living & dining rooms, & den. he likes to make the rounds, picking up random objects here & dropping them there. he likes "real" things - none of this toy crap (!). this is helpful, actually, as he's not yelling & is generally happy as long as i don't take any of those random objects from him.

darn - he just moved from the "track" to the hallway - that requires supervision. i must go!


LuLiTa said...

remember YOU'RE in charge!

Anonymous said...

i guess we get to figure out sifting through these things together - love you much! by the way - you're too sweet. feel free to post my info on there for dates too - if that helps and all :) just kidding!!!

Christy said...

hey- hope you are having a better day. what a sweet friend to come watch cutie pie so that you could enjoy some time together with clint. i hope that ruth is okay - is she in the hospital? miss you guys!

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