Tuesday, October 21, 2008


okay, i have THE most exciting news to share! it's soooo exciting, it makes my heart flitter & those stomach butterflies start their fluttering dance!
okay, breathe in & breathe out...

i'm having a TRUNK SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes!!! i'm so thrilled to tell you! it's going to be @ Snug as a Bug in Tyler the first week of december.

oh my gosh! can you believe it??! my mind is TOTALLY racing a million miles an hour with so many thoughts & ideas - aaahhhhhhh! last night i had a hard time sleeping because i was just thinking of all of the possiblities!

oh my, oh my, oh my! i'm so excited i can hardly stand it! i'll keep you filled in on all of the details & please DO plan to come if you can at all swing it :)

i'm off to dream...!!!


Katie Ryan said...

That is so wonderful! How exciting. I'll have to see if I can manage a trip to Tyler!

Jen Haney said...

yay!!!!!!! I knew you would be big one day! I can't wait!

Jennifer said...

hey kelly,
it's jennifer black chilek. congrats on the show...let me know when it is and i'll try to stop by. that's awesome!!

kinsey said...

congrats kelly! that is so fun. and our lakehouse is very close to tyler, so maybe i can "swing it" ;-) keep us posted!

LuLiTa said...

youre so talented!

Unknown said...

are you going to have a booth at the art market at taft december 6th?
i was hoping you would!
congrats on the trunk show!
that is SO exciting!!

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