Monday, November 3, 2008

good monday to you.

i'm sitting here blogging & looking out the window to my sunny backyard (and listening to baby einstein in the background!). i've always thought of myself as a sunshine person. i guess it's just being a texas girl. it's just so happy to me. but today i was reading haus maus & reminiscing about gray, cold northern european autumn, & well, i was kind of missing it! there's just something about sipping hot tea, or coffee, lighting a few candles, & enjoying all the gray. it's so cozy. there's this dutch word i always remember that our friend sophie would use - gezellig. it's kind of like cozy, but more, like the feeling i was describing - warm tea, candle light @ dusk, the smell of baking bread mixed with cold, crisp air - basically, i think it's untranslatable in houston :)

after reading her post, i thought about lighting a candle here, just for ambiance (and to remember that it IS fall!), but well, it's just not the same in 75 degree sunshine.

ah well. for now i will enjoy the sunshine. maybe one day i will be reminiscent for it!


Amanda Brooks said...

Get up to Nashville and I'll show you Fall! (although, today it is 76 degrees). Last week it was COLD and crisp and very Fall-ish! Hope that comes back soon. The leaves changed this week. It is gorgeous!!! Come see me!

Anonymous said...

this made me smile. i love being cozy, but i also get a bit down with all the grey. there's gotta be a happy medium. I hear Barcelona has all the seasons..... (wink, wink)

Unknown said...

we've had three days of gray and rain here! thanks for helping me appreciate it! love you kelly!

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