Saturday, December 13, 2008

to do list

harp weekend to do list...

*get xmas tree (every year we say we're getting it early & every year it's suddenly december 13th & we don't have it!)

*get more lights (white with green wire)

*decorate outside + wreathes

*fold laundry (that darn laundry fairy did not come last night!!)

*finish grandparents crafty christmas gift (i'll show you pics later)

*decorate tree

*go to wedding (yaaay!)

*get decent pic @ wedding for christmas card!!!

*order christmas cards

*shop for a few more gifts

*wrap all family gifts for sending on monday

*oh yeah, & church!!!

whew! stay tuned to see if we can accomplish it all & still be coherent for next week!!!!!!!! how is it that the holidays end up being so busy?????


Eric and Ruth said...

We have tons of white lights with green wire if you're interested!

Eric and Ruth said...

This IS the cutest blog background on the block!:) I love it!! Maybe you could use different pics from the whole year like that card I got last could pick your favorites!

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