Wednesday, May 13, 2009

night owls

clint & i just seem to come alive late at night.

we pretty much grudgingly go to bed every night. we just like sitting on the couch, chatting. me checking blogs, clint checking scores. we do laundry, we talk LOST (oh my gosh!), i find recipes for hudson's bday cupcakes, clint twitters, i find a new swimsuit (please fit!)... dave's on, sometimes seinfeld. i email, he facebooks.

it's like the one time of the day that we feel like we have unlimited time.

i've often fanticized about having one night a month to stay up all night & not be sleepy the next day. wouldn't that be awesome?? just one night a month you could have all 8 hrs to do whatever you wanted - just extra time!

i'd like to think we'd do something "productive" if we had those 8 hrs to spend (paint a room, finish baseboards, clean the kitchen sink!), but i'm pretty sure we'd spend it like this. on the couch, chatting here & there, laughing @ kramer, sharing thoughts on whether you really CAN change the past/future or not (lost reference), maybe a little laundry... and i guess that's actually pretty productive ;)

how would you spend your 8 hrs???

ps - i'm getting to the nyc trip, i promise!


The Dansbys said...

we come alive at night too! i love your up all night not tired the next day plan!

Ruth Lee said...

We are obsessed with Lost,too. The season finale was crazy!

Anonymous said...

I've only seen season 1 of LOST and I don't mind keeping it that way.

8 hours of time and to not be sleepy the next day? It would have to be unplanned shenanigans with my awesome friends, but we would all have to coordinate our 8 hours for this to work.

Anonymous said...

Wanderlust is a loanword from German to English that designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander,[1] or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world.[2] -- thus saith Wikipedia!

The Dansbys said...

i saw someone at church tonight that i didn't know and i'm pretty postive that their baby was wearing one of your onesies!

Kelli said...

Well, if we were with the two of you and had those 8 extra hours, maybe we could actually solve the mysteries of LOST. Whatcha think?

kelly said...

amelia! that's crazy!! maybe the got it in austin??! if you see them again, ask!
my LOST theory (okay, i heard it, i didn't come up with it.) - jacob vs. esau. i think it's some cosmic struggle thing & now that jacob is dead (or is he really??!), things are really going to change. noting that the "LOST" screen @ the end was white, w/ the letters being black - the opposite. who knows what "esau" is like. it seemed like jacob was good, but maybe not. maybe esau is good?? whatever good is??!!!!!! so i think it's like levels/layers of conflict - jack vs. sawyer (before it was jack vs. locke), widmore vs. ben, jacob vs. esau... that's it. what do YOU think, ruth lee & kelli??!
oh & i'm totally sure that in 8 hrs the 4 of us brainiacs could totally solve LOST & all of the world's problems, too, kelli. well, okay we would definitely laugh alot!!!

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