Saturday, August 22, 2009

mimi saves the day... i mean the week & first haircut

my mom was here this past week, & i cannot tell you what a blessing that was to us. as she drove home on friday, clint & i were talking about how she always seems to come right @ the perfect times. i wonder if you get some kind of radar when you become a grandparent that goes off when your grandson is about the drive your daughter to the funny farm. maybe it's evolution or something.

speaking of that rotten grandson, here he his getting is first haircut this afternoon. and by the way, i don't really think of hudson as rotten, i just think it's funny to say that. and besides, it's not his fault his sibling is sucking all his mama's energy, making discipline even harder. it could be considered his fault however that he doesn't seem to care much about being sent to timeout or even spankings for that matter, but i'll save all of that for another post :)

the beginning...

this was what we like to call a "three popsicle haircut". started with an orange, slurped down a blue, & finished up with a red before it was all said & done. what can i say? the little man knows how to work the system.
*btw, yes that's a moose tshirt clint is sporting.

"take a little off the back, would ya?"

"not too much off the top."

view from the back & on to the blue popsicle

i believe this is when hudson turned to me & said "i need anudda one!".

nearing the end...

and finished product - good job daddy!!


Christy said...

love hudson's new haircut! and i love even more the moose shirt. i was wearing mine last night. such a great shirt. clint is quite the hairdresser - he did jayden's first haircut almost a year and a half ago - hard to believe it was that long ago! hope all is well. be excited about second trimester good feelings coming soon!

Kelli said...

Clint's good! I could have used him the other day when I needed to get Landon's hair cut. I took him to a local salon and he ended up looking like Mo with a bad haircut - which is saying something, since Mo already had a bad haircut to begin with. Needless to say, it required a second trip to the salon to fix it.

Hudson looks very grown up. Hope you're feeling well!

Jaime said...

such a handsome fella, that Hudson! Girl, did you ever tell me you from Nac?? I don't think I knew. That being said we surely would have been besties! OH, I started a new, public blog once again. wahoo! Details on my old blog.

Anonymous said...

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