Saturday, February 27, 2010

hello from newborn land

okay already, i'll post! i'll come out of "newborn land" & give you guys what you really want - a few pictures :)
besides, mimi went home on thursday & if i don't start feeding her regular pictures, i'll get hate mail for sure.
so here are a few (read: a ton! i have to make up for not posting!)...

the "happy birthday" sign i made for the hospital door (one of my million crafty projects right before her birth, remember??!)

hudson & daddy @ the hospital

mommy & holls

leaving the hospital

hudson gets interested in his little sister!

...then decides to read a story to her on the couch!

...then steals her paci...

meanwhile, holland sleeps...

and sleeps...


yeah, i...

think you...

get the...


she even slept through her first hair accessory fashion show...

she has gotten a little out of that first week newborn sleepiness, but she's still quite the sleeper.
a baby after her mommy's own heart. i bet she'll love cadbury eggs & tom's shoes, too :)

friday was my first day alone with the 2 of them. i didn't cry. that's about all i can say! i ALMOST cried about 10 times, though. especially when hudson colored in red crayon all over the tile floor. that was before he ate red jello & got IT all over the floor, too, but after he ate his daily breakfast of chex & got that all over the floor as well. did i mention i had a c-section? did i mention that bending over HURTS?
did i mention that i pink puffy heart love prescription motrin?

because i do.

hudson might just be acting out a teeeeeny bit (!), but it's really hard to be too mad (well, after the initial fury that rises when you realize you're going to have to get on your hands & knees for a 3rd time!). his whole world has been rocked. how do you make sure he still feels just as loved while also holding him responsible for his actions? it's a delicate balance, for sure. and it helps to have daddy home this weekend.

here are a few things i'll remember about this time in our family's life...

-the way our couch has turned into newborn central, filled with pillows, boppy, burp cloths, bibs, wipes... and usually me feeding holland
-the usual hormone craziness making me BURNING UP HOT @ one point & suddenly freezing the next!
-holland's lovey cheeks - the only chubby(ish) part about her
-hudson banging the crap out of the drums, in rhythm of course, right next to holland & clint & i looking @ each other like "she better get used to it" (in fact drums & guitar are just about ALL he wants to play with these days). his songs of choice are "hark the harold", "veggie tales", & "happy birthday" & he's so darling singing them :)
-our constant surmising about the color of holland's hair (dark brown? light brown? red?)
-FOOD. we have so much food! our friends have overwhelmed us with so many yummy meals. our freezer overfloweth & our bellies are full :)
-sesame street. it's now become a favorite family activity to watch it together. have you seen "american i"??
-the olympics. i will forever link holland's birth with the vancouver olympics. it's been great feeding & burping entertainment. (i heart joanne!)
-motrin. did i mention i love it? this c-section recovery has been much more intense than last time & i'm still needing my motrin (especially when on my own!).
-the fact that holland seems to be the absolute opposite newborn than hudson was. i love my son with every ounce of my being, but he was a... um, shall we say "challenging" baby??! :) holland's laid back-ness has definitely helped the transition from 1 to 2.
-hudson being suddenly interested in putting a diaper on his beloved monkey & carting him around a considerable amount more - too cute :) did i ever tell you his monkey's name is "monkey-loves-you"?

okay, well there's more, but i'm about to crash (it's not even 10!). i'll try to work on posting more & giving you pictures. we had her newborn pics taken last week so as soon as i get those (ahem, steph), i'll have some good pics for you.

good night & happy saturday night to all!


Laura // Elizabeth said...

congrats! she is perfect! i noticed we have the same carseat--- i switched out the head and body support to something aftermarket since this carseat doesnt have a good newborn one. it really snuggles them in tight--- they look so comfy. i used it for about a month and then my small, 7 lb baby girl really chunked up and was crowed by the aftermaeket support--- but i loved it- here is a link to it-

Jaime said...

you sound like you're doing wonderful and she's still just perfect. I'm so impressed you didn't cry...those crazy emotions post preggo are so weird. Go Olympics for entertainment...remember those night time feedings was where I started to make odd infomercial connections--watch out! ;-)

kelly said...

hey ML - thanks for the link! we were using that carseat (it was our son's & still good), but we just had to get a new one b/c we realized we were missing a part & were worried it wasn't as safe :( the good news is i got one of those car seats that comes with the super light stroller you just click the carseat into - yaaay! good for csection recovery :)
jaime - ahhahahahaaaa! i DO remember your issue with infomercial sympathy! heehee :)

Meg said...

ahhhh she is just beautiful!! i am jealous...i miss "newborn-land!!" (although i will say "sleeping through the night land has it's perks ;)). sounds like you are doing wonderful! it seems like there is just something easier about the 2nd time around...for me, more perspective on just how brief the time is. keep the updates coming!

Anonymous said...

We had sophie during the summer olympics, super great distraction, although kept me up too late some nights, and now I just kinda cringe when I think about the summer olympics cuz it brings back the early newborn hard has heck memories! Praying for yall! My advice pour into Hudson while she is so easy, she won't realize she is being ignored yet :) And my other thought, don't always use her as an excuse to not be able to help, or whatever, even if she is the excuse, come up with another, that seemed to help with the jealousy issues.


Christy said...

she is SO precious! love the hairbands! they all look so cute on little thing. glad to heard that things are going well and as to be expected!
i also love the "happy birthday sign" that you made her - you will have to let me know how you did that - i would love to make it with this little one's arrival.
hope you are recovering better and better - and like everyone said - keep the updates coming! love seeing the pics of the precious little thing!

walkers said...

she is perfect! i love her name too! i am laughing so hard because your reality is so similar to what ours was a year ago! the couch, sesame street, yes we love american i, i actually cried daily and angry mom came out when i had my second:) so happy for you. finding the new normal for us came quicker than the first round and I hope that is true for you too.

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy an UPDATE! i am going to start conspiring with deb to get updates and pics more often....just kidding...newborn land takes up a lot of blog time for sure. we HAVE to talk soon....just think you will be 3 weeks ahead of me and i will be jealous of you! i am so glad to hear of holland's laid backness...praying for that! she is so cute and i wish we lived next door to each other...huddy could come drum and guitar with samuel....since we had our drums out before 7 am this morning! ok...let's chat this week. love you mucho!!!! mere give kisses to those little cheeks :) and ps no crying...i am impressed...i do remember that "almost" crying feeling a lot with samuel.

Ruth Lee said...

Your Hudson sounds so much like mine. My Hudson got drums for Christmas and he plays them and his guitar all the time and when he isn't doing that he and the middle brother, Landon, are sword fighting or riding their stick horses through the house. Life is crazy, but so much fun. Hang in there and enjoy your sweet baby girl!!

kelly said...

hey everyone! thanks for all the sweet encouragement :) i NEED it!!! haha! yes, holland is laid back, but it's still hard - especially today as i'm flying solo again.
*meg - i totally agree with the perspective thing. things can still be frustrating, but i realize this time around that there WILL be an end to whatever it is! & it DOES go by so very fast (except when you're in the middle of it & then you feel like it drags! ha!)
*melissa - good thoughts on helping hud with the transition. today i'm realizing how tough it is to do 2 (much less 3!!). by the time i take care of her, i'm tired & want to just sit on the couch, NOT play drums, or do a bead necklace or whatever!! poor hudson!
*christy - we'll have to talk about the sign! do you already have a boy & girl name???!!
*adrianna - i'm so glad i'm not the only "mean mom"!! it's so hard not to be so frustrated with hudson sometimes - like when he grabs the bassinette & lets it roll across the room when i JUST got holland down to sleep! i have to remember he's still little, too. ps: it's almost sesame street time :)
*mere - we do need to talk! you CAN DO THIS!!! i'll be your cheerleader - that'll make me feel better to know i'm not alone! YES, i wish we lived next door! one of us could take the older boys & do drums & the other could do babies for awhile & maybe catch a nap! care to move to houston??!
*ruth lee - is it a "hudson" thing to have SO VERY MUCH energy??!! i love my little guy, but wow, the energy kicks my butt sometimes! haha!

Eric and Ruth said...

Yay, I am enjoying your posts as I have been thinking about you. I wish I could come over and get on my hands and knees for you!

robin said...

congrats, kelly! she is so precious, and i love seeing the pics/reading your updates. hope you are feeling better soon.

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