Sunday, February 14, 2010


and after her jane fonda workout, she might want to do some pirouettes, you know.
and how is that possible with out a pink tutu?

i love how this turned out, though i had a hard time getting a good picture - it has just too gloomy here for a good shot, i guess. anyway, i think you'll see it again soon in baby girl's newborn pics. i'm already dreaming them up now...

so everything that HAS to be done, is done. but i just keep thinking of ooooone more thing to do. i think it's my anxiousness :) that's when this tutu was born.

& i made a fun little "happy birthday" sign for the hospital.
then i decided to make a little "please knock" sign for our front door.
and a couple of scrapbook pages for people to sign when they come to visit.
then a last canvas for her room...
and i have an idea for another tiny one.
but first i need to whip up a last minute blanket idea i had (already have the fabric, so i HAVE to do it!).

is this crazy?? :)


LuLiTa said...

you need to SLEEP. all day. you won't again for at least 6 months! and try not to be too excited! i am having trouble with that- canNOT wait to meet her :) xx

Amanda Brooks said...

I am VERY behind on your blog!! It seems I have missed your birthday AND you are about to have baby girl!! Crazy how time flies!! Well happy birthday to you!!! (a bit late) and I'll be thinking about you guys the next few days - cannot wait to see pics!!

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