Friday, March 12, 2010

thrilling friday night

friday night.
baylor game on.
surfing the web (does anybody say that anymore?).
need to cut my nails.
just ate chocolate cake.
with ice cream.
and hot fudge sauce.
want more.
sipping water because i realize i haven't drank (drunk? drinken?) hardly any all day.
holland's stirring.
i wonder - is she already hungry? is it time already?
i do the count back thing - how many hours has it been? and if she eats now, when do i think she'll wake again? and after that?
our nights are measured in 3-4 hr increments.

clint & i try to talk. we're both so tired. so much to say, yet so little brain power to get it out.

so glad it's the weekend.

ps: i might have nominated myself for the mother of the week award today for taking the h's to the park this morning, if it weren't for the tiny little issue with me completely forgetting to buckle my son into his car seat on the way to that park. neat. i was totally confused when hudson kept saying what i thought was "i need a buncko! i need a buncko!". thankfully no wrecks were had while i contemplated whether hudson knew of that card game or whether he might be talking about a "bronco" truck... yeah, he was saying "i need to BUCKLE!". good one.


walkers said...

you are me one year ago. i rode all the way to the children's museum telling Keller to be quiet for goodness sake when he was trying to tell me he was not buckled in. whoops.

kelly said...

a - awesome!!!

aunt nonna said...

yay for making it to the park! and at least now you know what bucko means :) you're doing GREAT! xx

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