Friday, March 19, 2010

today i...

changed 5 poopy diapers,
& who knows how many tinkles,
cleaned out 2 boogie noses (which means i also sang a couple of rounds of the boogie song),
sang 6 songs,
made 3 meals,
made & fed 6 bottles,
survived the grocery store with 2 kids,
cleaned countless dishes & bottles,
made chocolate chip cookies,
read 3 stories,
& said "no!" about 483 times.

and this is all i have to show for it...

(happy kids)

fortunately, they're totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her Jane Fonda outfit! And remember, the kids want remember how much the house was a mess! They will remember how wonderful their mommy was and that she took the time to read the books, sing the songs and give them good meals! Now having said could be a few years before you actually hear that appreciation! It's worth it!!!
Love you all! mimi

Ruth Lee said...

your Hudson and my Hudson need to get together and form a band!

aunt nonna said...

i'm so proud of you! and the grocery store?! did you come out with groceries, too??! miss you xx

Christy said...

way to go kelly! you are doing great! they seem so happy and loved - and jayden and hudson need to have some jam sessions together. he loves playing the guitar or drums any time he can. hope you all are doing well!
(have you noticed how often you run the dishwasher with two kids? we run it almost every day now - that was a change for me!)

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