Wednesday, March 24, 2010


today went like this...
listened to holland grunt & snort, BUT sleep until 8!
groaned over hudson's massive poopy diaper.
learned about the proper way to store veggies on the today show while feeding holland.
scored a caramel macchiato.
was super excited when steph, jonah, & jaden came over.
rolled my eyes while watching hudson try to steal every toy jaden played with.
wished for 5 arms as i made grilled cheeses, fed holls, tried to start washing some bottles, & cleaned up the raisins hud kept dropping
read hudson a book while keeping an ear out for a wailing baby
got wailing baby to sleep for the first time
finished loading dishwasher
tried to get wailing baby to sleep again
admired the kitchen floor i cleaned yesterday (it happens so rarely, i have to enjoy it)
realized i could throw the collection of dirty bottles in the dishwasher as opposed to hand washing. waisted time on the internet.
finally got smart & put wailing baby by the running dishwasher (worked like a charm!).
woke both h's -one to eat & one so he'll actually go to sleep tonight
started blogging all of this goodness while feeding holland
watched hud tediously spread out one of holland's blankets just like clint does when he's swaddling holls
watched hudson help himself to a box of girl scout cookies from the pantry
felt more concerned about the potential for crumbs on my floor than the amount of cookies he ate
debated the merits of going to target to pass the time until daddy gets home (late again - bummer!) versus staying home with these 2 hooligans
decided to be brave & stay here
thought "what the heck is for dinner????!"


aunt nonna said...

sounds like an action packed day! sending love from across the pond! if you get time, i'd love to hear about potato head & loopy lynn ;)

Laura // Elizabeth said...

haha! i suppose i should enjoy having one child for now, instead of thinking how stressful my life can be and what i DONT get done each day :) youre doing fabulous with two kiddos :)

Jaclyn said...

so cute! i think my favorite part is "felt more concerned about the potential for crumbs on my floor than the amount of cookies he ate" i SO get this!

i miss hudson and it has only been a couple days! We need some serious play dates next week :)

Anonymous said...

glad you wasted time blogging so all of us could enjoy. Hey we are going to be in Conroe beginning of week, maybe we can figure out how to get down there.
-mel cable

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