Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day

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so it rained most of our labor day, which meant we couldn't take a picnic lunch on our yatch while wearing ralph lauren clothes.
so instead we finished the chores we seem to start every weekend & never completely finish, like vacuuming & laundry, which led me to the discovery that if we just had a 3 day weekend every week, our house would finally be clean & my life would be complete.

so now i will blame all of my problems on the 2 day weekend.

it was still raining @ nap time, so that meant our kiddos actually napped, which is always a plus.  for the past few days we've been on "project: this baby's got to sleep".  as you know, if you've read for very long, holland has been laid back baby since day 1.  this has been more than wonderful, but it has also meant we've been pretty lax in getting her into a real routine.  it's also just tough with 2, which is what you always hear & it's just true. 

anyway, after a day of "really, i only need a 20 minute nap, & i'm good" followed by a night of "seriously, folks i don't need to sleep", we staged an intervention & have been feeding & putting that child down by the book.

and it has pretty much worked (yaay!), so that meant i got some good work in @ naptime.  i'm playing around with some oilcloth like bibs that you can wipe off (yip, yip!), for holland & some for the shop & also some more baby legwarmers.  i'm soooo excited for the fall & a large part of that happiness is to be able to put holls in legwarmers again.  LOVE THEM!  love how soft & cuddly they are, love how easy it is to change diapers, love how great they are for mild texas fall & winters, love how they're a bit funky, just l o v e.

ooo, & speaking of just love, i hear little holls - she has some good radar, that gal.

happy tuesday (NOT monday, as i keep reminding myself!) & don't forget to comment on* THIS *post if you're interested in the halloween giveaway!

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Jules said...

Your blog is adorable, your Etsy shop is crazy cute and thanks so much for saying hi tonight.

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