Thursday, October 7, 2010


if you were stuck on a desert island & could only have one fruit, what would it be?

i think mine would be raspberries. i love raspberries. every once in awhile i'll snag some from the groc & leave them out to snack on every time we walk through the kitchen. they usually last for an hour or so.

i offered one to mr. picky eater son today. i'm trying this new thing where i act all nonchalant & like i couldn't care less if he eats whatever i'm offering. he reached for one & i thought, "wow, this is working. good job, kel.", then it was like his three year old stinkery self kicked in & he suddenly jerked his hand away & yelled "no!" and looked @ me like i was the wicked stepmother offering snow white a poison apple.

that child.

thank goodness he still eats baby food. yes it's true, we feed our 3 yr old baby food. hudson might not touch a raspberry, but he slurps down pureed, non-spiced mush in no time. he even sometimes asks for "vegetables" (as we call them). it's the only way he'd get any nutrients, so don't judge me, people.  :)

and since i've been picking on him, here's hudson doing 2 things he DOES like (you knew i had to add a few pics for certain family members)...
drumming.  the child LOVES the drums.

reading in his little reading corner.  current favorite?  curious george makes pancakes
okay, enough of this randomness.  back to laundry!  happy day to you, bloggies.

ps: i meant to post this week about christmas ideas.  it was a tough choice i faced for this end of the week post - christmas ideas, like i promised, or pictures of kids for family.  christmas ideas next week.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my hands on your picky eater next week!!! And of course little H. There is however one side trip that i may have to take on Tuesday on my way there. There is a B17 landing at Hondo airfield and i will be taking U. Bob to fly in it, if he is feeling up to it. Kae will come with us so i can just leave from there. Wish Hudson could be with us, what a treat that would be to have his picture with his great great uncle in the war plane that he actually flew in WWII! See u soon.

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