Monday, October 11, 2010

harp pumpkin farm

this is in our front yard.

it's a pumpkin vine. & it's huge. last year when our pumpkin started decaying we just decided to leave it in the flower bed because who wants to pick up a rotting pumpkin? also, we figured people pay big bucks for good, organic fertilizer & isn't that basically what a rotting pumpkin is??! mmmhmmmm, yeah. so voila! this year we have a pumpkin vine! no pumpkins yet, but i'll keep you posted. maybe there will be one for a thanksgiving pumpkin pie...

since our pumpkin isn't ready yet, we went ahead & went to the pumpkin patch this weekend. besides, they have a train, bounce houses, barbeque, & hundreds of pumpkins & we only have the one vine. hudson had a blast. here are the requisite pics...
it was a little hot.

punky little sissy!  i couldn't resist putting
her in halloween leg warmers :)

we had to get a pumpkin pic

train ride.  hudson was over the moon.

it'spretty impossible to get a decent family picture, so i just pick
the best one of me :)  being mom has some perks.

hudson & his buddy grace

dean coming to comfort his love

you need a hug, baby holland?

and a kiss??

he made it better.

 remember:  you TOO can let your pumpkin rot, i mean make fertilizer this year & have your VERY OWN pumpkin next year!  you're welcome for the awesome tip :)


Jaclyn said...

sooo cute! dean does love him some baby holland!!!
and what well dressed children!!!

kelly said...

well, their moms have amazing taste, you know :)

aunt nonna said...

ahhhhhhhhh! sooo sweet. i love the pics! h1 looks so much like clint! i can't wait to hold my baaaaaabies!

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