Tuesday, October 19, 2010

library list

do you go to the library?
i love libraries.  i guess that's because i love books & quiet spaces.
hudson likes the library, too but not so much the quiet spaces.  i'm sure you're not surprised.
tonight i finally got around to exploring my library's website.  do you know you can just go & request lots (loads!) of books & your sweet librarian will email you when your books are ready?
want to know what was on my list?
(click on pictures to find each on amazon.)
she's one of my favorite authors.  i really enjoyed poisonwood bible,
but it was animal, vegetable, miracle that i truly adored.

i found a rec for this one somewhere on the web & thought it looked fun to peruse.
we might have some nature walks in our future.

another one i saw somewhere in blogosphere.  i've experiemented a bit with making bread,
but this book is supposedly the bible for making quick, easy YUM bread.
yes, i'm getting kinda granola-y. 
maybe alot granola.
this one's super granola with a dash of academia.
  can't wait!  it's about a new kind of homemaker & ideas for getting
away from our comsumer culture.
if you're interested, here's an article.
i really want to flip through this one for ideas.
amanda's blog is filled with sweet simplicity & i'm sure this book is, too.
 (& yes, a little granola-y)
so it looks like our fall will be filled with nature walks, fresh bread, reading, & handmade family fun.  that is if i actually find the time to read these books!  ha!
most of these i'll probably flip through for ideas & for the others i'll try to squeeze in some bubble bath + reading time - my FAV when the weather gets cooler.
do you have a book list?


Anonymous said...

Kel, I could use a Christmas list! You want to add any books to it? Go ahead.......or i could just pick some out for you!%^^*&(*&(^%$$
.....S C A R Y!!!!!!!!!HUH.

Anonymous said...

What i would really love to find is the pioneer woman's cookbook. I guess i will look at Hastings and/or get them to order it for me. That would be a great gift for our Chinese Christmas here, don't you think??? OOOOh Those tags would be a great gift for our party since it is in Nov!!!!!Ok, going to have to think about that one. Maybe you could give the cookbook and i could give the tags???

kelly said...

good ideas, mom! then we can rig it so we get the gifts :)

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