Thursday, October 28, 2010

monogramming extravaganza

gosh, i love a cute monogram.

you, too?

i had to start doing some monogramming clothes.

had to.

monogram on a corduroy dress?

Yes, please.

corduroy + monogram
be still by beating heart


i might be acting a little dramatic.
who me? :)

just saying i'm loving these new dresses & i love the monogramming, too.

& one beautiful day i might have to take the plunge & get a monogramming machine. until then i'm working with a great gal who has the most freaking cool monogramming machine EVER! like the kind guys would think are cool.
so welcome aboard darlene & your super coolio machine! glad you're here.

dresses are not in the shop right now, but are currently $32 + $6 for monogramming. we might have a price increase soon, though.
shirts/onesies: $23

and ps: christmas mono shirts/onesies coming soon. think green square with white square on top + red monogram. ooo, i think i have a sample pic...


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!So Very Cute! I love the dresses. I can see a little peter pan collar blouse or turtle neck under that dress with stitching to match monogram......I actually saw the turtlenecks at JC Penney's with the colored stitching! We really must open up a shop! Johnna get home, we need you!

kelly said...

mom - unfortunately, turtlenecks went out in 1996, but i completely agree about the shop & johnna :)

Mel Cable said...

and I think jcpennies went out in 96 too :)

Anonymous said...

Kel, we might try some pictures on the little stands i'm making. Also what about using little hangers at the show and hanging some on each side? Different colors or different designs? I think that would look cute. I ravaged Lowes until i found just the right part to use to screw the dowel rods to the base so you can completely take them apart after show. Also, can Clint get the green tables cleaned up before he leaves so they are ready? Don't worry about the folding table, i will get it when i come.

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