Friday, November 12, 2010


it starts in 19 days.
so i really meant to post weekly on christmas ideas.  i also meant to THINKweekly about christmas ideas, but that sort of didn't happen.
well, it happened a LITTLE bit.  i spent one afternoon a few weeks ago coming up with an advent calendar idea based one from inchmark.  i'll show you pics of mine later (read: when i get the time to take some), but i thought i'd go ahead & show you this great idea because it's so great & now i'm wondering if we might need TWO advent calendars this year (i mean, no problem - i just won't sleep until december 1.).

what i love about this calendar& the inchmark one is that they're ways to celebrate the season without getting more presents (or spending more $$).

from ali edwards...

oh my good gracious, the cuteness!  the idea is that each day your kiddos (or YOU) would pull a card & have a little christmas-y activity to do!  the ideas range from small, simple ones:   light a candle & say a prayer for a loved one, or read a christmas book to your sister,  to bigger activities: create some thank you cards before you need them, or bake some treats for neighbors.  you can even include going to get your christmas tree.

 i was a little concerned about the organization of it all (exactly what date would be good for tackling making thank you cards??!), but then it hit me - you can move those little cards around to suit your schedule!  oh the power we moms wield.

AWESOME idea, ali!!!  see here tutorial HERE.


Anonymous said...

CUTE IDEA!!!Can't wait to see yours. Does this mean you want be needing the little ornaments or are you doing two?

Anonymous said...


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