Monday, November 1, 2010

another GIVEAWAY, peeps!

so i got this mysterious etsy email on saturday.

it was from this gal saying she really liked my stuff & would i be interested in doing a giveaway with her shop on her blog.

mmm, well okay, maybe... i thought.

& it took awhile to even get that thought out because i was running on fumes @ best - holland & her emerging teeth having kept us up until wee (& i mean WEE) hours of the morning the night before.
thank goodness i had had my coffee, or might not have even had the where-with-all to type an email back.

i am rambling.

i am still tired.

anyway, i'm trying to tell you that this melissa gal, she's part of a duo called Oh Fiddlesticks! out of austin.  they make some pretty darn clever & cutie little tee's for kiddos and GUESS WHO just bought a tee from them??

oh, the fabulous sandra bullock, that's who.

oh, yes!

oh, so fab!

so, head on over to the Oh Fiddlesticks! blog to get in on the giveaway action - some alacritydesigns gear up for grabs as well as some other good stuff!

you could win this!

or this!

or this!

or this (or anything else in the store for $25)!
good luck!!

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