Tuesday, November 9, 2010

clint was gone all weekend.
it was rough.  especially with the time change.
but i made it. barely, but my sniffly, coughy, frog-voice self survived.  & the h's survived me, too.
& was rewarded with a quiet, kid free couple of hours sunday night.
after a little wandering, I ended up here...

quiet, cozy, coffee, chicken salad.
did you know you can get an unlimited cup o' joe @ la madeleine's for $2?
& a cup of chicken salad for a little over $3?
yes, please!
then you can eat it with their free (YUM) bread for a nice little meal.
$6 for a little meal & quiet time is quite a deal I think.

ps: i'm reading THIS book & loving it.


Anonymous said...

Thought you went for a pedicure? Although the quite reading time looked nice and well deserved i am sure! See you next week. Love Mom

kelly said...

all pedi places were closed! this was really better though - cheaper, more quiet, & better reading material!

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