Thursday, December 2, 2010

fried green tomatoes?

our fall tomato crop
tomatoes in december!
thank you, south texas. my thick hair doesn't appreciate your humidity, but my tomatoes do.

we have almost 20 tomatoes!

what can you do with 20 green tomatoes? im worried in the cold (okay, cool) weather they won't last long enought to turn red.
what do I do???

we also have a few unrippened peppers back there...

but I couldn't get back there without my shoes & didn't want to mess up these...

i FINALLY got a pedicure & I'm pretty sure all of south texas is thankful not to see my scaley feet anymore.

i decided to be crazy & go with grey since it seems to be the new "in" color.
still not sure about it - modish, or morgue-ish?? :)
okay, off to more sewing - please send me ideas for green tomatoes!


mere said...

your toenails look like dark grey! OPI you don't know jacques??

kelly said...

YES! too funny!

aunt nonna said...

jonty and i just ate our cherry tomatoes on sunday! give them time and check their firmness everyday, but there is still a chance they might turn red.
but seriously...fried green tomatoes ARE delicious!
we ate ours raw...i recommend a nice caprese if they are good- you can mix with red tomatoes. do you have a place nearby with fresh mozzarella?

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