Thursday, December 16, 2010

fudge break

fudge break 2010. pretty fun. i tried to get everything together before the little chef entered the kitchen & all the craziness started. hud lovey-love-loves to help in the kitchen & I love that, but often find myself saying alot of "don't touch that!" "wait, wait! wait for mommy!!" as he fearlessly starts dumping ingredients in with unfettered glee.

gosh he's a stink.

no time to pose for a picture! too busy dumping ingredients & making monstrous messes!

oh! there's a cheeeeeeese!

little sis (complete with big girl bow!) made it easy on us & crawled around happily while we baked.
yes, she's crawling. like a champ. she army crawled for about a month & after thanksgiving she figured out the whole knees under the tummy thing & off she went!
punky baby doll, don't grow up too fast!

and finished product (oh, did I forget a few steps in between??!).
good break, team harp.


aunt nonna said...

cute! did you get a new fridge? and when did you paint the cabinets? am i going crazy?
see you SOON!

Anonymous said...

Hey, no need to wrap mine up!!! You are bring some with you aren't ya :( You are? :)
Hudson, mimi wants some of your lovey love love fudge! Ok, now i know i'll get some! Hee hee..... Kel, you will let him read this?? We could make it here? Love Ya

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