Friday, December 24, 2010

i awoke @ 5 am to get started on our christmas eve dinner...

just kidding!! these are pictures from yesterday. I love cooking, but I love my sleep even more. there are few things i'd be willing to arise @ 5 for. like nothing I can think of right now :)

we made christmas cookies yesterday, too.

the words "sugar overload" come to mind for some reason...
also, i think i found the best sugar cookie recipe ever. you don't have to chill it before rolling it out!! miracle!
recipe here (found via the pioneer woman).
icing (egg & meringue powder free) here (found via "crap!  the store's out of meringue powder!").

hope you all have a wonderful holiday! i'll be taking a bloggy break until the new year. see you then!


Anonymous said...

Hudson looks entirely toooo clean to have baked these cookies! You must have changed his clothes before the pics or not let him taste the goodness!!Wish i was there. Happy CHRISTmas Eve and Love to each of you.

Christy said...

Glad you made the sugar cookies! I am sure they were yummy!!! I bet Hudson loved it as much as jayden. Jayden's theory was "put as much icing and sprinkles as you can possibly fit on a cookie!". Happy Christmas to the harps! Love you guys!!!
Sad you will be breaking until the new year - you will be missed!

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