Monday, January 10, 2011

for some reason i picked this morning to make applesauce.

it seemed so perfect, so old school.  mother & older boy making homemade goodness while tiny sister sleeps.  but @ some point it all started falling apart in the form of sister refusing to sleep & crying like a banshee while brother kept eating all the apple pieces & needing to get up & down, up & down WITH sticky hands.

and that's when i remembered alot of housewives in the 50s ended up with mental problems or in betty ford.

i know, it seems a little on the dramatic side (what, me??), but seriously, this whole mom-business might put me in the looney bin yet.  who thought it was a good idea for one woman to stay home & take care of multiple children alone??  maybe i'll move to a compound or a kibbutz or something...

anyway, the applesauce is going to turn out well, i think.  i hope.  & i just convinced hudson to go play his "cool, cool drums" for a sec & sis is happy to simply be out of that horrible, awful place we call a crib, so i think i'm going to make it for the next few minutes anyway.

applesauce recipe here, if you're crazy enough to try it, too.


Jaclyn said...

you have serious mommy skills!!! let me know how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Hurry and move here! We can go crazy together but at least we will have the support of each other as we goooooo. Ha

Love Mom

Unknown said...

I am seriously laughing out loud....homemeade applesauce with two children is AMAZING, I would probably not attempt it if they were both sleeping and I had zero distractions. Seriously since having children I lack ability to focus, shocking I know :-)

kelly said...

mandi - i KNOW. it's so weird the lack of focus & memory that comes after the kiddos, huh?!
ps: your xmas card was hilarious! heehee :)

kelly said...

mom - sounds good. count me in :)

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