Wednesday, January 5, 2011

okay, so everyone else is doing some kind of year end round up, so i'm feeling a little pressure.  wonder if i could at least pick one thing each month of 2010??
here goes...
we welcomed the new year with the haney's & i was hugely preggs.
 hudson conqueored his fear of vacuum cleaners
 (well, he grew less scared of them anyway).
 hudson moved into a new room with a BIG BOY BED...
i became insane crafty pregnant lady, making various baby girl craftiness nightly, including heart & "H" cookies to take to the hospital for our baby's impending birth.
we welcomed the sweetest little baby girl into the world.
holland amelia harp
& hormones made my hair a weird reddish color.
stranger still, our OR nurse took one look @ me & declared she wanted a red haired baby.
i assured her that wouldn't be the case, as mine was not quite natural,
but miss holls decided to surprise us all, making her debut as a strawberry blonde.
well done, miss holland.

aunt nonna came to visit (& save the day!)...
 hudson practiced his guitar skills.
 & i had way too much fun dressing holland up :)

we celebrated easter & i made hudson wear this pink shirt.
 something happened & our 2 year old got so big & so cute, we could hardly stand it.
 sis wore her first easter dress...
 & still liked to snuggle up to sleep (i might die over this picture).
holls got ridiculously cute
& continued to rule from her comfy boppy seat.
 & she started sitting up better,
making sibling pictures much easier.
this little guy turned 3
& continued to remind us all who's the boss.

to be continued...


Jaclyn said...

i am dying here....dying.
i really have no words because the cuteness is taking over and leaving me speachless. I can't wait to melt over the rest of your year in review.


Anonymous said...

Kel, so Sweet! i love the pictures and the story review! Will tune in later.
(cathie left today, sure is quite around here. I keep going to the door the let Georgie BOy in!)

Love Mimi

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