Wednesday, January 12, 2011

valentine's idea

i think i found my hudson's valentine's card idea.

he's really looking to wow the kids this year.

just kidding.  really i was just hoping for a fun, simple project with the little guy & since we're about a month out, i'm thinking maaaaaaybe we can pull it off.

for some reason i can't get the picture (i guess it's copyrighted?), but the link is HERE.

these are lace together cards & that's perfect because hudson has just started learning how to do this.  it's kinda like pre-sewing.  anyway, i think i'll just cut out 2 big hearts + punch holes (probably not too many) + let him "lace" them together with yarn.  then we'll fill them with something.

still thinking about what to put inside.  something homemade?  hmmm...

***fyi: there are some other good valentine's ideas @ that link, too.

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