Wednesday, February 16, 2011

happy birthday, holland amelia

first celebration:  mimi & mommy took me for a girls' birthday lunch!
i wore my "holland" shirt.
 mommy forgot to get a pic of my matching leggings!
my fav part of the lunch was the silverware...

crave cupcakes!

daddy's birthday gal

ewww!  that's yucky.

i really have to think about this...

i mean, i can be cheery!!  i just don't want the cupcake!

oh, i can help her with the cupcake :)
you just shove it in your mouth, sissy!
okay, i'll try it again...
nope.  it's gross.

but i got presents!
my sweet brother offered to help unwrap!

actually, he kinda played with my new toys.

but he gave me a few too, so i was happy.

it's pretty great being 1!
we love you, sis!
just couldn't imagine life without our sunshine girl!


Jaclyn said...

ahhh! SO cute! I laughed out loud at her thinking the cupcake is gross. Also, love her sassy party headband:)

Meg said...

it just goes so fast!! happy birthday to your sweet little girl!!

LuLiTa said...

this makes me cry! i can't believe my baby girl is ONE! i can't believe it was a year ago when she was so tiny & new born! give her big kisses for me!!!!!! miss/love you! & let me know when the b potter books arrive! fingers crossed :) xxxxx

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