Sunday, February 13, 2011

sunday night

we're watching the grammys tonight & oh my good gracious, could i dig mumford & sons & the avett brothers more?
seriously, amazing.  they're so...
i don't even have words. 

that sounds so dumb, doesn't it?

but i bet:
1.  either you don't know who i'm talking about & therefore think i'm crazy (& also need to get with the program & look these bands up)
2.  you totally know what i'm talking about because you're totally grooving their music too.

i'm right!

i've half watched the grammys for years & been bored to tears, but not this year.  the avetts & mumfords alone were worth it.  & then cee lo green?  i know that song isn't "nice", but it's so funny!  and using muppet dolls is hilarious!  and oh my gosh gwyneth paltrow just came out.  hang on, i've got to watch this...

y'all!  that was too funny!  you need to youtube that one if you haven't seen it - ha!

okay, anyway, in honor of the grammy's i wanted to share my
january inspiration playlist.  i made it up a few weeks ago & belted it out LOUD all the way to dallas (just ask patrick - i butt dialed him while singing my heart out.  sweet.  that's not embarrassing @ all.)...

simple life - the weepies (total inspiration.)
howlin' for you - black keys (actually meant to get "tighten up", but this one is funny.)
the ghost inside - broken bells (so groovy.)
dog days are over - florence & the machine (flo can sing, y'all, & it makes me want to sing, too.)
we're going to be friends - white stripes (cute song.  hudson likes when they say "show & tell" & "alphabet")
human - the killers (our favorite family dance party song.  i got the techno version & we even have hand motions...)
babylon - david gray (oldie, but a goodie.  plus dg is probably hudson's fav after john mayer)
new soul - yael naim (so much more than an itunes commercial song)
no envy, no fear - joshua radin (this song could make me cry)
boulevard of broken fears - greenday (two words - teenage angst.  i've always loved this song.  unfortunately i accidentally downloaded the broadway musical version.  looses a bit of the angst.)
how come - ray lamontagne (this song is like the 2010 version of the forest gump soundtrack.)
let it be - the beatles (the best way i could think to wrap up & maybe the best beatles song.)

so there you go.

**i meant to get some of the avett brothers & mumford & son's (the cave) on my playlist, but ran out of time before jumping in the car for the big d.  i'll have to a february inspiration playlist.

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