Monday, March 14, 2011

target is...

1. mound o' baby food.
2. snacks for kiddies.
3. "the big cart", of course. bonus? hudson thinks it's a carnival ride.

{kiddies a few months ago on the target carnival ride}

life is good. with the recent world events, i imagine most of us are remembering how fragile it all really is. yes, having a targ shop is nice, but no doubt it's the punkies i get to take on the carnival ride that make it.

even when they scream.
& cry.
& whine. & kick their brother.

Yes, please remind me. Especially then.


Christy said...

look at your cutie pie kids! they look so much alike. i love hollands headband! precious! did you make it?

kelly said...

c - i'm hearing that alot lately! no, i didn't make that headband. it was actually a targ find.

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