Friday, April 15, 2011


when jaclyn dropped off dean yesterday, i thought i was really helping.

st. kelly, coming to the rescue.

super mom - willing to leap tall buildings & watch more children!

but the truth is, dean helped me.

he babysat hudson.

thank you, dean.  i owe you one.

too much fun :)


Jeremy said...

awww! I love this! When Grace found out Dean played with Husdon she was a wee bit jealous :)
Thank you again SO much, and I don't think Dean missed me one bit!

Jaclyn said...

that comment was from my btw :)

Jenny said...

I love my little nephew :)

kelly said...

i thought it was funny that "jeremy" used a smiley face - ha! dean is welcome anytime. he's my favorite 2 yr old :)
hi jen!

Eric and Ruth said...

SO FUNNY! He babysat Hudson - I love it, and so true that having a playmate occupies kids like nothing else.

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