Wednesday, April 13, 2011

once upon a time...

debs (my mom) bought two really ugly frames from an estate sale.
she brought them to my house & i rolled my eyes.
she said they had potential.  i wasn't so sure.

{one of the two identical frames}
then we hung them in hudson's new room & i had to eat my words - red mat & silver frame matching the room's red drapes & silver lamp. 
they looked great. 
you know, minus the random kids' drawings.
we brainstormed about what to put in the frames & what to do about the plaques.

then i had holland.

& the frames hung in hudson's room for an ENTIRE YEAR, which lead to a few funny conversations when people wondered how my 3 yr old drew those oil wells. 
so i finally got around to the frames last week.  here's the makeover for frame #1...

i found these maps in an old encyclopedia @ goodwill.  sweet!  hudson digs maps these days & these kinda echo the globe & canvas US map already in the room (which makes me think i should do a hudson room tour). 
they're 2 book pages that i cut out with an exacto knife & taped together.  not perfect, but costing about $3 :)

and frame #2 tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

OK, first of all, debs didn't think they were ugly and even with someone elses drawings in them, they were cute and for sure better than a bare wall! But mainly, i knew with your creative ability, you could make them super and you did!!!!Knowing how facinated Hud is with the different countries, I know he loves them now! Good job, Momma! Can't wait to see the second one. Love Mimi

Anonymous said...

Well pardon my spelling oops! How bout "fascinated"! Mims

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