Thursday, April 28, 2011


our vacation to the atlanta airport...

hartsfield international airport is where it's at!

*i'd like to dedicate this post to meredith williams for leaving this shirt @ my house :)

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mere said...

LOL i just saw this! how funny because i called you today....we must have been on eachother's minds. :) are you going to atlanta or coming home???

Anonymous said...

If the shirt is left at your house - what can you do?!?! :)
I am asking the same question as meredith - are you coming or going? We are in Detroit right now - so maybe we crossed eachother in the sky :)

Anonymous said...

Did you make it to New York?? How long was the delay in Atlanta? Hope all goes well for the rest of the trip.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Pictures are SO funny! There's Hudson wide awake and watching a movie, you taking pictures and i am sure watching Hudson and Clint and Holland sound asleep. Clint looks give out! I sure hope the rest of the trip goes well and most of all you have a little fun.
See you on the 9th! MIMI

nonna said...

i hope that plane bypasses nyc and keeps flying over the atlantic! miss you- have fun in the best city ever! xx

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