Friday, May 6, 2011

it's nice... come home to freshly made ricotta & the smell of pizza dough rising.

what i'm saying is clint quit his job. 
& this afternoon i came home to the above.
it was nice.

we're embarking on an adventure.  a crazy adventure.  we've felt for awhile that things needed to change.  felt like we were supposed to move.  & we did!  i don't mean (necessarily) move locations, but move our hearts.  move our spirits.  & yes, our house IS on the market, so maybe we will move, but we're learning more & more that it's about what's inside moving.  not (necessarily) what's on the outside.

so for now we're both @ home.  learning to work out this new life.  we're with the kids, then we're working - clint in the garage with wood, me in my studio with fabric.  our vision to create beautiful things for homes that give to people in need as well.
website to come.

& we'll see what happens!
thanks for journeying with us.  i'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

wow! you did it!
call or text me sometime and i would love to talk and hear how this new adventure is going!
maybe it will bring you to dallas sometime :)
so proud of you in going after what God is calling you to!
have fun in the adventure!

LuLiTa said...

hooray! xx

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