Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pool babies 2011

pool babies 2010

pool babies 2011

{the above pic makes me giggle}

this weekend our neighborhood pool opened, which is to say hudson's greatest wish came true. he adores the water & even more so after discovering the magic of goggles halfway through last summer. it's not even that they keep water out of his eyes (they constantly fall off), he just loves them for their plastic, eyewear selves.

the child can't get enough of jumping off the side & swimming to the nearest adult (hopefully mommy/daddy).
not to be outdone, guess who tried to do the same thing?

That's right. little sister will not be upstaged, thankyouverymuch.
the girl tried her darndest to keep up with hudson. & if it weren't for the annoying issue of not being to breathe underwater, she probably could have.
that whole breathing thing was really cramping her style.
funny little gal.

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Anonymous said...

Look at those LONG legs on Hudson! I love that they love the pool! We will really have to watch them when they are here.....and when would that be next?

Love mimi

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