Friday, May 13, 2011

sometimes i... to get fashion consultation on my purchases...

(pic text to jen from dressing room @ target.)
i LOVE this recent targ purchase. i love even better that I had a gift card.
i did NOT love those jean shorts in the back ground. i don't recommend trying them on if you eat food, or ever plan on eating food.
the dress i bought is flowy in the middle & IS designed for women who eat food. that's nice, huh?

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Meg said...

ha ha ha you make me laugh!! i love food :) & i love women who eat food :)

Jen Haney said...

I love the dress!! An exceptional purchase. Thanks for including me in the decision. :) love you!!

Stephanie said...

I so almost bought that dress around Easter. I tried it on, liked it but didn't know if it said "stephanie". It definately says "kelly" though. LOVE it!

Clint said...

isn't food good??! ha! thanks for approving of my dress. i seriously would wear it daily, if i could. i guess it does say "kelly" :)

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