Sunday, June 12, 2011

doing the deed.

yes, thank you for that round of applause :)
i'm usually a total sucker for the prepackaged stuff - SO EASY. but, here are 3 great things about buying a head of spinach:

1. cheaper,
2. little packaging,
3. NOT "washed" in chlorine.

so i took the plunge & it wasn't that bad. it does create a few more dirty towels, but really what is a few more dirty towels??! ever since we quit (mostly) using paper towels & napkins, i've gotten quite used to an abundance of dirty towels.
& while we're on the subject, i'll share that dirty (damp) towels & houston don't mix well. just in case you were wondering.
i'm pretty sure we live in the mold capital of the world. consider this a public service announcement.

& in case you buy your own head of lettuce {we can be crazy, hippie, rebels together!!!},here {again} is my current fav spinach salad dressing.

oh, & articles with good info on prepackaged veggies here, here & here.

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