Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oh look!

(excuse their french)
heh heh heh.
i do believe my ticking bird tank is the cutiest of the bunch, if i do say so myself. though if you think a panda tooting is funny, you might disagree.
i really do love parts&labour & austin in general. gotta love the funk.
c & i are planning a sales trip up there in the next few weeks & since the sales make me kinda nervous (sales ALWAYS make me nervous!), i'm dreaming instead of strolling {hotter'n'hades} south congress, getting an iced coffee @ jo's, some ice cream @ amy's, & probably lunch @ guero's or magnolia cafe (oh i LOVE that place). yip, yip!
so until then, we're hitting it hard around here. so many little {& big} things to finish before the trip. still working on the site, need to do more biz cards, working on hang tags, good pictures of our merch, oh & there are those 2 kids who have to eat & stuff (!). this whole thing is quite the adventure.

here's to another day of this crazy life!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kelly how exciting to have one of your pieces showcased like that!
Love you and see you soon.

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