Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pillows galore

something about linen. 
* soft * casual neutral * relaxed * natural  *
i kept finding myself on the linen aisle this winter.  hoping for warmer weather, maybe?  {i guess i'm regretting that about now}  finally i bought some, played around for awhile & here i found myself.
these pillows are envelope style.  they're sort of like slipcovers for your pillows.  easy as pie to pop off & totally washable.  it's the little things, no?

1.  hello pink stripe.  a girl's gotta have some pink, no?  ps: stripe can be horizontal, too 
2.  lovey, lovey butterflies.  sweet & modern.
3. ticking lacey.  strong & reliable pioneer woman gets a lacey corset.
4.  invisible 2.  did you see the 2, or did you think it was a swirly?


nonna said...

i LOVE the stripes the most!

Jen Haney said...

I love them Kel. I think they would look great in my living room. :) seriously- I want to place an order!

Anonymous said...

love these pillows kelly!
they are amazing!
is your new website up and going yet?

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