Monday, July 11, 2011

what we've all been waiting for...

...finished pictures!

et voila...

100% recycled wood.
hand-rubbed staining technique
tongue & groove finishes

this is our first official table & i must say, i feel truly proud.  i couldn't have imagined the work it would take for us to get to this place;  i'm glad i had no idea.  sometimes you'd never begin something if you knew how hard it would be, yet you're so happy that you did it.  funny how life works that way, heh?
we're off this week {hopefully!} to austin for a sales trip.
*wish us luck*

* up tomorrow, an introduction to my pillow world


Jaclyn said...

beautiful! seriously, love it!

mere said...

AWESOME!!! so proud of y'all!!!!

kelly said...

thanks, guys :) i'm pretty proud, too!

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