Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a day

*sweet picture hudson took of me through instagram

so i woke up yesterday thinking it would be a nice, slow kind of day.  we'd spent the weekend+ working like mad dogs on the website & i thought monday we would slow down a bit, revel in the fact that we'd finished the website (!!!) & at the least do a little cleaning.
it's weird how my kids didn't support that notion.  cleaning?  no, that's boring.  slow down?  why?  that's boring.  they begged for a backyard swimming session & finally i agreed, ignoring the dust bunnies & past dinner crumbs stuck to the floor.  so okay, we'll play outside for awhile & THEN i'll clean.  that's when we discovered that the washer was broken.  BUM.  *note to self:  quit complaining EVER about laundry because girl, at least you have a washing machine!!!  so all of that dirty laundry from the weekend just stayed right where it was piled (lovely!).  we did lunch as usual & the typical hudson "you're crazy for even mentioning nap time" routine ensued.  thankfully holls still naps really easily.  i was determined to clean something, so decided to give the sparkle treatment to the kitchen (inspired by c.jane).  i cleaned that kitchen floor on my hands & knees & took NO prisoners!  take that, crazy day!

the day had a few more ebs & flows & then ended in me finding holland asleep in throw up @ 10pm last night.  (i believe i've mentioned before (ahem!) how my kids partake in the weirdest of activities involving puking & going right back to sleep.)  (i believe i've also metioned how i feel about this - AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  SO grosssssss.  & also AHHHHHHHHHH, so freaky dangerous for my kids.)

so the night ended with what's become a real routine for c & i.  i mean we know how to clean up middle of the night throw up messes like nobody's business!!!  seriously, i'm thankful holls is okay & as usual, it's just one of those weirdo throw ups my kids love to do.  btw:  she's not sick, just threw up the milk she drank right before going to bed.  *note to self:  NO MORE MILK BEFORE BED.  & i also have to add that this little "ish" is so much easier to deal with now that holland is older & will eat something other than just another bottle of milk because EW!  who wants a bottle of milk when they've just thrown up!

i appreciate you listening to my semi-coherent rant.  i'd like to add that we launched our website & you can see it here.
thank you very much, i'll be here all week.

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