Monday, September 5, 2011


on our last summer {well, sort of} weekend, we...

1.  made fruit rollups using these 2 posts.  very fun!  thanks, kate.
2.  learned how to swing together :)
3.  made more tortillas.  getting better...
4.  had a few obstinate moments {ahem.}
5.  played with the letter magnets - i really think these are how hudson learned his letter sounds so quickly.
6.  made our sweet potato quesadillas WITH fresh pico.  didn't think this recipe could be better.  i was wrong.  YUM & thanks devi!  pico recipe here.
7.  had some end-of-summer sprinkler play.

doing anything fun for labor day weekend?

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kate said...

your fruit leather is beatufil! i hope it tasted as good as it looks and i hope "mr. picky" liked it. :)
love that you made sweet potato quesadillas. mere's always telling me to try it and i just never have. guess i'll have to.

Anonymous said...

love holland's cute bathing suit - it looks very vintage! and i love love love the sweet potato quesadillas - it is on my menu for this week!

kelly said...

kate - it was SO good! we will definitely be making it again & YES, you should try those quesas - serious goodness!
christy - thanks, i know - it's my most favorite, too :) yay for quesas this week!

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