Monday, October 17, 2011

BACK with a monday list...

(kerrville edition)
READING:  iggy peck, architect & elmer's splash x 27.  i forgot all the toys & books & we were 5 days without them until daddy came.
MAKING:  myself remember this 2 months of being nomads is going to be FUN (right??!)
COOKING: pw's lasagna (some things do not change.)
SEEING:  the HUGE catfish that comes right up to us when we feed the fish in the creek.
THINKING:  i can't believe we're officially NOT houstonians anymore.
SORTING:  through all of the emotions of such a BIG life change.  & missing my sweet houston friends.
ADMIRING: the way hudson & holland naturally find fun & adventure in every situation.


Anonymous said...

glad your back! i have missed you :)

Jaclyn said...

i MISS you!
We painted our bedroom grey over the weekend....wish you could swing by and give me your opinion :(
Also, the kids tried on their hats for an outfit dress rehearsal for their upcoming photo session and I almost died. SOOO cute!
did I already say I miss you?! i do :)

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