Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy fall

this was our last weekend in houston @ the pumpkin patch (WITH the underwoods!).  it was a great way to say goodbye to houston.  fall, pumpkins, friends, heat, & humidity :) 
anyway, when i saw these pics, i immediately thought we could do a "happy fall card" for the holidays - perfect!  i love the pictures, i'd be early...  then the gypsy journey began & i forgot about everything other than
a.  how it's possible that every pair of hudson's socks could have gotten lost between houston & kerrville.
b.  whether or not it's wrong to drug your children just to get them to sleep.
c.  how many times a week it's okay to eat blueberry donuts.

so here you go.  happy fall :) 
i realize hudson has a bat on his shirt in the pics & that's so october, but i hope you can overlook that & accept the pumpkins as holiday-appropriate for november. 

(thank you.)

*christmas card photo session from last year

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